Our Services

Abari Wellness is built with corporate wellness in mind and can accommodate any number of attendees. By choosing us, you are choosing your company's health, success, and the welfare of your employees. Abari Wellness utilizes guided visualizations, relaxing music, breathwork, restorative yoga, and a weekly “theme” to meditate on. Your company's teams will collaborate to build a deeper connection between themselves. 

“Recovery COVID-19” when returning to the workplace!


Suggestive behavioral modification through direct online coaching will be provided for individuals and groups. Nutritional guidance will be based on individual clients' specific needs both in and out of the workplace. We will discuss a balanced nutritional approach, the elimination of toxins, immune system health, and the importance of sleep.

PPE Supplies + COVID-19 Testing + "Recovery COVID-19"

Personal protective equipment (PPE), COVID-19 testings, and "Recovery COVID-19" are available through Abari Wellness to protect employers & employees from potentially infectious materials and others who may be infected with COVID-19 when returning back to work.

Chair Yoga & BreathWork

Q: What is chair yoga?

A: It's a modified sequence of a mix of classical yoga practices, all while seated in your chair! We guide our clients through both restorative and energy-boosting yoga postures.

Q: And breathwork? Aren't I already breathing?

A: Yes! However, challenge yourself right now to take a slow, deep breath in through your nose for 4 seconds... and exhale out your mouth for 5 seconds. Notice how your mind & body feel more connected just by one simple, focused breath. Abari Wellness provides breathwork practices and discusses the importance of mini-breaks to assist in the decrease of tension while improving unity, teamwork, mental clarity, and mindfulness to reconnect to the workday. 

Positive Dialogue

We use positive affirmation exercises to foster an environment of self-awareness and personal accountability. Corporate atmospheres deeply benefit from honest, productive dialogue. With Abari Wellness, you can ensure that employee performance and welfare are being catered to and improved upon.

Breathing Techniques

Abari Wellness teaches breathwork, creates visualization, and selects various breathing exercises each session. Set to peaceful music playlists, we will personally guide you through an experience unlike any other. After each session, expect to feel an increase in energy and motivation both in and out of the workplace. Techniques include: mindfulness, patience, compassion, and the wisdom of yogic philosophy.

Low Impact Yoga

Through music, meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, and mat yoga, you will learn to deepen your internal practice to promote a healthier, more constructive external environment. This low impact and agile workout is designed to lower stress, alleviate aches and pains, and create an overall sense of peace. A new theme is presented each session leaving you with a positive and wider perspective to motivate you, as you return back to your day.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Abari Wellness is an amazing partner for any corporate wellness program. Marla Abari offers dynamic and creative approaches to promoting health and fitness to employees. Marla and her team are professional, reliable, and forward thinkers who customize their approach to meet the various needs of their clients. Whether it be a breathing technique class, mindfulness exercise, or chair yoga program; Abari Wellness will bring quality and value to your wellness strategy. Since implementing Marla’s techniques as part of our company’s Wellness Program, we have noticed a significant increase in participation in our wellness activities and an improvement in the overall behavior of our employees. I can’t think of a better investment."

Donielle Williams, Director of Human Resources at XYZ